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We respect human beings, animals and environment. Always a step ahead. Moved by true passion.

Bertasi is an industrial reality that has its heart operating in Medole (in province of Mantua) and one strategic business unit in Sardinia Arborea (Province of Oristano). Bertasi has distinguished itself in Italy and the world thanks to its important projects in thirty years of work.

Our team, assumed that their work has an importance that transcends the artifact, as it has to do with the well-being and the future of future generations. That is why over the years we have created a close-knit team of people that ensure a competent and professional at every stage of construction from concept eventual maintenance after years of use. We carefully select all the raw materials with great care to ensure excellence, in fact our artifacts are also distinguished by the thickness, strength and therefore for their durability qualitative.

We design, manufacture and install prefabicated metal structures for livestock, industrial, commercial and sporting use.
We specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the housing of cattles, buffaloes, sheeps and goats and also plants for cleaning and management of manure.

The BERTASI SYSTEM is appreciated by our customers, that is, the possibility of having our support for a tailor – made project, from the design to the turn key product, via unique reference who is always present, punctual and reliable and who will follow every step of the process including potential future developments.

Tradition and experience, advanced technology, 100% Italian production, the skill of international professionals and attention to the environment represent the directions along which our range of offers moves. Since 1977 we have been meeting requirements throughouts the nation, Europa and overseas.