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A healthy and comfortable environment is essential for the first days of their lives.
It is for this reason that we have designed a large single-space box where weaning results effective. The use of durable materials, easy to wash, rot-proof and shock-resistant walls, front and rear opening, sandwich panel covering, stainless steel feeder and PVC bucket, deck traditionally in sheet steel or with the “warmer” Azobè wood, make daily operations and management much more practical and maximise the easiness of cleaning operations. When weaning has been completed, and you do not have alternative spaces to house your animals at best, we propose the multiple box, with or without external paddock, thus offering a space for transition from weaning to integration into the barn. It is also manufactured in hot galvanised steel, sandwich panel covering, gutters, stainless steel feeder and rack with two horizontal tubes or anti-chocking headlock, which can be opened entirely for cleaning operations.