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500 million of aid

500 million of aid

Council agreement EU: 500 million in investment aid for the sectors of milk and meat. 28 million to Italy
The Council of Agriculture Ministers of the European Union, in the informal meeting Tuesday, September 15 in Luxembourg, approved the proposed action by the Commission of 500 million Euros for the sectors of milk and meat. They were confirmed as direct aid for companies, private storage of cheeses and meats, the extraordinary promotion for the two sectors on the internal market and in third countries. For Italy, the project provides resources for more than 28 million Euros, an increase compared to 2009 when they were 23 million, of which 25 for direct aids, along with a fee for the storage of cheese that can get to almost 50,000 tons. For pigmeat will be increased prices of storage and have been expanded products allowed including cuts of so-called “fifth quarter”. The Commission will authorize also advance up to 70% of the payment of direct aid from October 16, with simplified procedures as required by Italy too. Also confirmed the medium to long term measures, in particular the creation of the High Level Group for a strengthening of the monitoring of the market for milk and meat. Member States also shared the Commission’s commitment to involve the competition authorities of the European food chain, in particular on the problem of the producer price and consumption. “It is a positive sign but not enough what comes from the informal Council of EU agriculture ministers,” said the national coordinator of Agrinsieme, Dino Scanavino. “While the extraordinary measures of the European Union (which will still be assessed in the operational phase) can be considered a first step to stem the difficulties, on the other hand, if you look to the future and in the future, the way to race is still uphill. The crisis, to be managed require new and modern instruments both within the EU and in national headquarters. Interventions, “concluded Scanavino, possibly to be taken ex-ante and not, as is the case now, after the economic difficulties have resulted in loss of income for farms.                                    www.politicheagricole.it




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