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Breeding dairy cows

Breeding dairy cows

For this realization Bertasi took care every detail with extreme precision. The attention to every detail and the use of carefully chosen materials enable us to prepare innovative livestock systems, really able to contribute to animal welfare. And you know why?

Simple: even animals, no more or less like us, are able to respond in a positive or negative stimuli arising from the environment around them and the ways of farming. The positive response, dictated by environmental conditions, alimentary and operating favorable, results in a greater state of health of the cow, with increases in milk production, lower incidence of pathologies and improvement of reproductive parameters.

Instead negative stimuli (inadequate shelter, poor or deteriorated food, excessive number, lack of ventilation, personal in the barn rude or noisy) affect pejorative factors set out above, ultimately affecting negatively the income of the farmer himself also and the quality of the product (milk-cheese).

Even farmers are less sensitive to the problem “welfare” will understand that investing in the improvement of environmental structures, for food and for the management does not involve an unnecessary disbursement of money: it is instead of “money well spent”, especially in terms minor health problems, best production and higher quality of dairy products. Last, but not least, consumer satisfaction, which are increasingly demanding products hygienically safe (not forgetting also those who believe animal rights).


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20 May 2015