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Steps for the public

Steps for the public

The stairway to the public is made up of 11 steps each xx cm deep and high xx ml. can accommodate xx / xx seating for a total capacity of xxx spectators.
 The tribune is disengaged from a lanes sorting. The area for the spectators respond to the current safety regulations. The construction characteristics and distribution allow easy movement of the public, including the disabled, (for a more detailed description please refer to processed products VV.FF. and attached in the project).

The construction characteristics of the forum also allow a comfortable view of the sporting spectacle being designed in accordance with the standard.
The space dedicated to sports, changing rooms and its connections with the outside of the system and the area of activities, are inaccessible to spectators.

During the events access of the spectors to the plant is expected to take place through passages controlled.

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20 May 2015