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The 32˚ edition of the Agricultural Exhibition of Arborea

The 32˚ edition of the Agricultural Exhibition of Arborea

Also this year Bertasi participated in the Agricultural Exhibition of Arborea, the traditional event in which our company is particularly close because we contributed to its born and grow, and that this year took place 2 and 3 of May.
Bertasi exhibited at the Agricultural Exhibition of Arborea for the first time back in October of 1987 at the Centro Uno by the time the show grew and attracted more and more visitors, so in since 1990 the fair was conducted in the exhibition center which Bertasi herself had built. Bertasi also worked on of the installation of the first exhibition and took place the square in front of the exhibition center. In this sense, and given the 28 years of continuous active presence, the Agricultural Exhibition of Arborea we can say that to happen also thanks to Bertasi.

Central element of the Fair is like every year the Regional Exhibition of Bovine animals breeds Brown and Italian Friesian, organized by the Provincial Breeders: 130 animals selected from 15 companies.
Morphological evaluations of bulls, heifers and calves gave great show, result of love honest and well-being for the animal and concluded with the final parade of the best exemplary. Numerous exhibitors of vehicles, machines and components for agriculture that have occupied the halls and outdoor spaces.

Visitors also this year have participated several in events dedicated to agricultural and delicious tasting of typical Sardinian products.
As every year, the Strawberry Festival has delighted the event, by 15 manufacturers and the pro loco. Complimentary tasting of 5 quintals of strawberries with cream and all day to the public took place the sale of the plateau.
The Fair of Arborea is held under the auspices of the City, the organization of the pro loco and the APA for the livestock, the sponsorship of the Regional Agriculture, Laore Sardinia, province and the contest 3A Latte Arborea, Cooperative Credit Bank, Cooperative Producers, Apa, Ara, Aia, De.Co.
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Il benessere è essenziale per la salute e il comportamento degli animali e per facilitare il lavoro dell’allevatore. BERTASI parte da questo presupposto per ideare ed innovare continuamente i suoi sistemi personalizzati e dedicati al fine di aiutarvi a controllare in modo ottimale la produzione di latte e di carne della massima qualità da vacche sane.


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